How Can Cities Leverage the Potential of the ‘Sharing Economy’?

Sharing Economy UK contributed to a World Economic Forum #sharingcities report, highlighting the TrustSeal which is the world’s first kitemark for sharing economy organisations.

The new paper on Collaboration in Cities: From Sharing to ‘Sharing Economy’, identifies and answers key questions for cities about the sharing economy.

· What does the sharing economy mean for cities? Who are the actors of the sharing economy? What are the drivers of sharing? What is being shared in cities? How can cities share? What are the issues and challenges in the sharing economy? How should sharing be regulated?

· Case studies from cities around the world – including Seattle, London, New York, Melbourne, São Paulo, Kigali, Seoul, Amsterdam, Barcelona and Kamaishi – show how sharing is transforming citizens’ lives, boosting economies, social cohesion and the environment.

· The complete paper is available here

The paper, mandated by the World Economic Forum Future of Urban Development and Services Initiative Steering and Advisory Committee, explores opportunities and challenges of the sharing economy in cities by highlighting examples and solutions from cities around the world.

The paper also explores sharing-economy ideas that span multiple cities:

· “Co-City” protocol is exploring forms of shared, collaborative and polycentric urban governance.

· Sharing Cities Alliance organizes summits, seminars and a knowledge base for cities to draw on.

· Trust Seal is the first kitemark for sharing-economy companies, proving they adhere to good practice.

Read the full press release here


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