TrustSeal in BBC News Online, Technology of Business

Sharing Economy UK’s TrustSeal featured in a BBC News Online article on peer-to-peer sharing economy tech platforms by

The article features a section on trust issues in the sharing economy:

Peer-to-peer “sharing economy” tech platforms have mushroomed in the last decade, but very few have rivalled Airbnb or Uber in size, largely because consumers have found them difficult to trust. So how are tech firms rising to this challenge?

Trust issues

But many start-ups have fallen by the wayside in this nascent market, unable to engender enough trust and confidence in such novel services, or reach scale quickly enough to survive the cut-throat competition.

“The biggest challenge for peer-to-peer brands is trust,” says Richard Laughton, chief executive of car sharing platform easyCar Club and chair of trade body Sharing Economy UK.

“People on both sides of a rental need to be confident that their assets will be looked after and their safety guaranteed.”

Technology is making the vetting of users easier, he argues, enabling techniques such as video verification and social media profile analysis to supplement the established rating systems.

And smart “internet of things” sensors could be “built seamlessly into the rental process to provide accurate feedback on how assets are being used,” he adds.

Kitemark schemes, such as Sharing Economy UK’s TrustSeal, also help to engender confidence, says Mr Laughton.

Read the full article here:


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