UK sharing economy usage rises by 60 per cent

Users of the sharing economy in the UK have grown by 60% in 18 months, a new survey has found.

Warwick Business School academics also found that 23% of the UK population use sharing economy services more than once a month.

In their report Who Shares and Who Doesn’t? Results of the Sharing Economy Consumer Survey 2017 Pinar Ozcan, Mareike Möhlmann and Chandy Krishnamorthy surveyed a representative sample of 1,220 UK residents as a follow up to their 2016 report. The sharing economy includes places to stay, rides, rental cars, parking, services, meals, pre-owned goods and funding.

Richard Laughton, Sharing Economy UK Chair and CEO of easyCar, said: “The sharing economy is becoming a lifestyle choice, with this detailed survey from Warwick Business School showing that 73% of people who engage more than once a month are using multiple platforms. Alongside the convenience the sharing economy brings, people realise that there are great deals to be had. The main reason for people not to take part is that they don’t know about the sharing economy, so we clearly have work still to do. But it’s very encouraging to find that more than 90% of people think schemes like Sharing Economy UK’s TrustSeal bring valuable reassurance”

For a copy of the report click here


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